Discover the secrets to creating and maintaining an innovative, world-changing, premier business in the 21st century. Gain insights from award-winning business leader Thomas H. Douglas as he reveals the lessons he has learned during years of executive leadership.

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Do you feel like your business is on a treadmill—always moving but rarely moving forward? Are you anxious to have clarity in your business, including a clear line of sight on generating repeatable outcomes that lead to stability and growth? Adapt or Die breaks down Tom’s proven Algorithm of SuccessTM to get you from where you are to where you want to be.
  • The keys to fixing People Puzzles. Tom shows how putting people first, both in your company and with your clients, leads to innovation, energy, and high performance.
  • The keys to business acceleration. Tom reveals how to pair your hard-won knowledge and hard-working teams up with the right tools and technology to create explosive growth and increase the velocity of your success.
  • The keys to turning prospects into buyers. Tom breaks down the logical, emotional, and competitive triggers that break through common objections and help you reach the minds and hearts of your prospects to generate desire and action.
  • The keys to the checkbook. Tom describes the pain points that act as Cash Release Triggers with customers, helping them understand the benefits of your services and motivating them to take action.
  • The keys to the perfect customer. Tom illustrates the powerful framework for discovering who your ideal target customer is, understanding what those buyers want from you, and mapping out how you can reach them to make your pitch and get the purchase.
  • The keys to financial safety in your business. Tom shows how to determine what you want for your company and yourself as an owner and leader, laying out his proven method for building the stable business that will support the life you’ve always dreamed of.
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Father, Veteran, Visionary, Business Leader, Technologist
  • Tom has led his company to 9 consecutive appearances on the Inc. 5000, something only 1% of CEOs who make the list ever achieve.
  • Tom joined JMARK as a level one engineer and worked his way up the ranks before purchasing the company in 2001. As CEO, he soon formulated processes which provided repeatable outcomes and a predictable revenue stream, putting JMARK on a growth trajectory that continues to this day and transforming the way the region engaged with technology.
  • Tom is a trusted technology adviser to a global list of clients, an innovator in managed services, and an engaging speaker on topics such as executive strategies, entrepreneur tactics, technology trends, IT maturity methodologies, cybersecurity, and other leadership and technology subjects.
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What Innovators are Saying

Like most leaders, I have read LOTS of books on leadership. (Good leaders are lifelong learners. Right?!) I’ve never before read a book that so beautifully outlines every element required to build, nurture, support, and grow a healthy business while candidly pointing out land mines to avoid. You even include guides! Checklists! How tos! This is phenomenal. 

Jodi, Adapt or Die Reader

Tom and I are so aligned in the way that we think about things.  Honestly, it’s a little bit strange for me to see so much of what I believe, and things I do, mirrored in someone else’s words. Falling in love with the truth is the only way to live and the hardest thing to do. This book will help many people, but they may not even realize how much is helping them when they read it. The style is so soothing and relatable that people will get drawn into the story and not realize the deep wisdom that they are absorbing through it. This book has that power. He is changing lives.

Adapt or Die Reader

I never thought that an IT professional would be able to provide value on the topic of culture, but Tom had one of the best presentations I’ve seen on the subject. I was blown away.


I loved the people section most since people are my passion … but having managed several companies, the lessons you share in the financial, operations, and processes sections are priceless. I love that you don’t shy away from the ugly. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies and the truth sucks sometimes. But being surrounded by people who help you navigate the suckiness of business and (even better) can help you laugh about it, is what makes coming to work worth it every day for your people. We strive daily to build and keep that kind of culture.

Thank you for sharing a piece of your soul with us, Tom.

Adapt or Die Reader

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